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The stealth billet aluminium quick shift arm is a direct replacement for the heavy stock cast iron unit. The stealth quick shift arm has 4 pivot point choices (two of which move the shifter forward 25mm) and gets rid of the heavy stock gear change feel. Give your gear changes a slick & sharp feel with notchy positive shifts along with an increased mechanical connection to your car.

  • CNC machined billet aluminium
  • Stealth black anodised finish.
  • Engineered to reduce gear change throw by as much as 40% compared to the OEM setup
  • Creates precise gear changes.
  • Directly replaces OEM arm.
  • Instructions are included.

P1 24% reduction plus moves shifter forward 25mm

P2 39% reduction plus moves shifter forward 25mm

P3 40% reduction stock shifter location

P4 25% reduction stock shifter location


We include full instructions with the Stealth Quick Shift, so installation is very basic. All threads should be secured with liquid thread lock during installation.

Ford Focus MK3 ST250 / RS Quick Shift