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With the huge air flow capacity of some turbochargers, this 34mm Dual Port Dump Valve delivers unsurpassed venting performance, excellent driveability and crisp turbocharger response in on/off throttle applications.

Most Dump Valves have limitations in their design that inhibit the levels of performance. Piston/bore diameter and venting ports are often too small and surprisingly, most will not fully expose the exhaust ports when fully opened.

The large primary vent is designed to plumb back into the inlet tract and ensures the best driveability during cruise conditions. More importantly, this Dump Valve cures the problems seen with after market 100% external venting Dump Valves.

Under spirited driving conditions with the turbocharger running high boost pressure levels, this Dump Valve continues to vent through to the second stage port in order to expel the maximum amount of charge air possible. Fine adjustment to the Dump Valve operation can be performed through the actuation adjustment screw for optimum configuration.

Dual Port Piston Dump Valve


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