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The Prosport Performance weighted carbon fibre ball gear knob (145g) is balanced to ensure tight and accurate gear shifts on most of the Honda 5 and 6 speed range of performance cars.

This weighted gear knob is machined using real carbon fibre to ensure the weight, appearance and performance all keep in line with the very high standards expected from Prosport products. The Prosport weighted carbon fibre gear knob is a direct replacement upgrade and requires no mechanical background or tools for fitting, fitment takes less than 2-3 minutes at most.

This impressive gear knob fits most of the Honda performance cars and totally transforms the look and feel of your fast Honda. It will also fit any other Honda that shares the M10 x 1.5mm threaded gearstick.


Please note: This gearknob is only for Hondas with 5 or 6 speed manual transmission and will not fit cars with a lift up collar for reverse.