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The Gizzmo IBC Version 4 OLED is both ultra slim and ultra light. We believe it is the lightest boost controller on the market. The entire control unit is contained within the display, meaning no extra boxes etc to mount elsewhere. The new IBC V4 boost controller has 4 memory preset options and can control boost pressure up to a whopping 3.5 bar, it also has a new OLED ultra clear digital real time boost display.

Another major improvement is the live boost display in the setup stage. When setting duty you can remain in the duty menu and drive the car. As boost builds it is shown on the screen. In real time you can now increase the duty until you hit the desired boost BEFORE coming out of this menu.

The Gizzmo V4 IBC is a very simple 2-wire Installation and suits both internal or external wastegates. The kit comes complete with all fittings including a slimline bracket for easy mounting and a genuine MAC boost control solenoid.

What’s new in the Gizzmo V4 IBC OLED.............

1/2 the size of the V3, ultra Slim & ultra Light (40% Lighter than V3), new OLED display, easy 3 button navigation, faster software structure, blue anodised front & rear faces.


  • V4 Easy set up boost feature
  • Slimline adjustable mounting bracket
  • Micro profile
  • Simple 2 wire installation
  • Solenoid supervisor
  • Operating current < 0.5A
  • 4 Preset boost memories
  • 32mhz 16bit RISC processor
  • Real time OLED boost display
  • Pressure display in PSI, BAR or KPA
  • Suits internal or external wastegates
  • Comes complete with original MAC control solenoid & all fittings

Gizzmo IBC V4 OLED Boost Controller