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Finally an alternative to the £600+ standard fitment Mitsubishi Gauges. These gauges are bigger, better and cost far less! We even supply the adaptors allowing the oil sensors to be mounted into the existing blanks on the oil filter housing. There is also the added benefit of full UK support & 12 Months warranty.

This fantastic single din triple gauge set has been specifically designed for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7 & 8 and is a direct fitment into the standard single DIN fascia as per the images. A great product that not only looks good but has both purpose and function. This is a complete set up with all Sensors, Adaptors, Sensor Harnesses and Fixings.


The Mitsubishi Evo 7/8 Triple Gauge Set Consists of:

  • 52mm Stepper Motor Peak Boost Gauge Set (2 Bar / With Sensor)
  • 52mm Stepper Motor Peak Oil Temperature Gauge Set (With Sensor)
  • 52mm Stepper Motor Peak Oil Pressure Gauge Set (Bar/With Sensor)
  • Specific Mitsubishi Evo 7/8 Billet Aluminium Specific Triple Gauge Holder
  • Specific Mitsubishi Evo Oil Temperature Sensor Adaptor
  • Specific Mitsubishi Evo Oil Pressure Sensor Adaptor


**PLEASE NOTE** This this gauge set is only compatible with the Evo's 7 & 8 that have the heater controls incorporated into the center fascia as per the images. This will not fit Evo's with the separate heater control panel as standard. The standard plastic center fascia pictured is for illustration purposes to show mounting only and is not included.

The 52mm Stepper Motor with Peak Warning Series gauges (With optional Amber or White display) have two modes. When the ignition is switched off the gauge faces are totally black and when the ignition is switched on the gauge faces come to life with illuminated super green or white detail, illuminated red needle and audible warning sound that is all surrounded by a silver bezel.

These gauges represent the very latest technology and perform a full self calibrate sequence each time the ignition is turned on, as the ignition is turned on the gauge takes an automatic adjustment reading within the sender to zero the needle compensating for the correct atmospheric pressure etc, resulting in 100% accurate readings regardless of elevation or climate. These gauges use microprocessors / Swiss movement to provide super smooth pointer movement for high precision readings under extreme conditions.

Main Gauge Features:

  • Peak recall function
  • Optional amber or white illumination.
  • Easily wired to switch colours with headlight activation
  • Fully adjustable warning
  • Optional warning/start up sound
  • Red warning illumination mode (when set warning level is exceeded)
  • Daisy chain power system between gauges, so only one power supply required for multiple gauges
  • Plugged sensor harnesses
  • Slim and compact gauge body (30mm depth)

Mitsubishi Evo 7 & 8 Din Gauge Set - Boost, Oil Temp, Oil Press

SKU: 78SET52