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The new 52mm Evo LCD digital series gauges (With Ice White display) have two modes, with the ignition off the gauge face is totally black and when the ignition is switched on the gauge face bursts into life with a stunning white LCD opening ceremony. These gauges represent the very latest LCD gauge technology and perform a full self calibrate sequence each time the gauge is turned on. As the ignition is turned on the gauges take an automatic adjustment reading within the sender to zero the gauge. This extremely impressive series of professional gauges have taken the market by storm and combine outstanding looks with precision and simplicity. All gauges in the series are supplied in presentation boxes with sensors (for oil, water & boost), U Bracket & instructions.

Main Gauge Features:

  • Ice White illumination (Easily wired to switch colour with headlight activation)

  • Stealth black bezel with clear lens

  • Compact gauge body

  • Adjustable brightness

  • Opening start up ceremony

  • Sensors included (Temperature & pressure gauges)

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