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New release 52mm VW Red Needle series gauges from Prosport specifically designed to match the iconic red needle / indigo blue detail design used in much of the VW range including the hotter MK4 and MK5 Golf models etc. These will also look amazing in any other cars because of the striking illumination combination.

The VW Red Needle series (stepper motor version) is very impressive, when the ignition is switched on the iconic red needle does an automatic calibration sequence (electrical versions) and the gauge bursts into life with an illuminated blue indigo detail. These gauges also boast a very desirable matt black bezel which will compliment the interior of any vehicle.

This latest series of 52mm Prosport VW Red Needle gauges now benefit from the very latest stepper motor mechanism and the electrical versions perform a full self-calibration sequence each time the ignition is turned on. When the ignition is turned on the gauge takes an automatic reading within the sensor, this zeroes the needle whilst compensating for correct atmospheric pressure in order to produce accurate readings regardless of elevation or climate. These gauges use microprocessors / Swiss Movement to provide super smooth pointer movement for high precision readings under extreme conditions.

These gauges are all supplied in presentation boxes as a kit with instructions, sensors for electrical gauges and gauge fixings.

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