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Prosport oil pressure gauge 1/8 Npt sensor adaptor for the Vauxhall Z20 engines to enable the installation of an aftermarket 1/8 Npt oil pressure sensor.


The Prosport Z20 oil pressure adaptor locates in place of the existing blank on the side of the oil pump and keeps your new 1/8 Npt oil pressure sensor safely away from all the drive belts etc at the front.  Simply remove the existing oil pump blank and then install the Prosport adaptor with your new 1/8 Npt oil pressure sender.


The Prosport Z20 oil pressure adaptor is CNC machined from solid stainless steel, the internal thread is 1/8 Npt to suit most aftermarket oil pressure gauge sensors. This adaptor is also machined to centralise the sealing washer to guarantee a perfect leak free seal every time.

Suitable for use with the Vauxhall/Opel Z20LET, Z20LEH, Z20LER and Z20LEL engines.



  • 1x Prosport Z20 stainless steel oil pressure adaptor
  • 1x Copper sealing washer



*Please note: The pressure sensor shown in images is not included, this is for illustration purposes only.

Astra VXR GSI Z20LEH LET 1/8NPT Oil Pressure Adaptor