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This has to be one of the best dual air pressure gauges currently available, looks absolutely fantastic but most importantly has function and quality to match.

It is worth noting that the Prosport dual pressure gauge actually utilises two premium compact 0-5v air pressure sensors, and not the cheaper/bulky resistance based sensors that are sold with many other kits.

The Prosport dual air pressure gauge features two separate digital air pressure readings with identifiable coloured led bar scales which allows you to keep an eye on any changing suspension pressure changes. Monitoring and adjusting your suspensions air pressure is extremely important since it directly affects the way your vehicle rides, and this dual air pressure gauge is purposely designed to clearly let you know when any changes occur. Or the gauge can simply be used when adding more pressure for road surface changes or just to release pressure for a lowered appearance.

The kit includes two compact 0-5v electronic air pressure sensors that work completely independently of each other, read air pressure from 0-200 PSI, and feature common 1/8 Npt threads to make installation easier on any tank, valve, or air hose. By utilising the latest compact 0-5v electronic sensors Prosport has eliminated any need to run air hoses directly to the back of the gauge which greatly reduces installation time. This gauge features two crystal clear and independent digital readouts with complimenting quick reference (blue/red) LED bar graphs, it is a stunning looking instrument with quality to match.


Gauge Features:

  • 52mm Diameter (gauge body)
  • Slimline 30mm depth
  • 2 x Premium compact 0-5v pressure sensors (1/8 Npt Thread)
  • 2 Plug and play sensor harnesses
  • 2 Independent digital pressure displays
  • 2 Quick reference LED bar graphs (Easily identifiable red/blue)
  • Dimmer function
  • Dual 0-200 Psi pressure scales

Prosport Dual Pressure Air Suspension Gauge - PSI

Artikelnummer: DP30EDAPLCD-PSI